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Business hours

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  • Eggs 'n Things

    midi 1F 2F

    Eggs 'n Things

    Hawaiian casual restaurant

    10:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) Hawaii -born, sparking the pancake boom. Based on the concept of “ALLDAYBREAKFAST”, a casual restaurant with delicious and voluminous break -first menus not only in the morning but also all day.
  • kanazawa maimon sushi

    West building 7F

    kanazawa maimon sushi

    Conveyor belt sushi

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) We handle and hold fresh seafood caught in the Sea of ​​Hokuriku and various parts of the country, including Kanazawa and Noto. Skilled craftsmen hold the rice and soy sauce from Ishikawa, and skilled craftsmen hold products that make use of the ingredients.
  • TOKYO Ueno Yakiniku YANSANDO

    West building 7F

    TOKYO Ueno Yakiniku YANSANDO

    Wagyu yakiniku shop

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) A long -established yakiniku restaurant that has been founded in Ueno, Tokyo for 60 years. We are concerned about providing the finest black beef with secret sauce inherited from generation to generation. You can enjoy fresh meat because we cut only the amount used on that day.
  • Aunt Stella's

    West building B1F

    Aunt Stella's

    Western confectionery, cookie buffet, sweets

    10:00~21:00 Aunt Stella's cookie buffet cafe on TV and magazines. All -you -can -eat cookies (with 1 drink) for 60 minutes. Please challenge how many pieces you can eat! Non -smoking all day
  • &콜Korean food+

    West building 7F

    &콜Korean food+

    korean food

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) &call Korean food+, a new brand from the Wonsha Chicken Group, which is popular for Korean chicken, has landed in Nagoya Parco for the first time in Japan. 8282 is a Korean reading (quickly) for customers to gather It means want. Unprecedented creative Korean food, Korean sweets, limited to PARCO stores We will provide you with menus.
  • kawara CAFE&KITCHEN

    South building 5F

    kawara CAFE&KITCHEN


    10:00~21:00 Café & Kitchen, which provides set meals and sweets under the theme of "Café cafeteria in everyday life", is full of warmth.
  • Cat Café MOFF

    midi 3F

    Cat Café MOFF

    Animal cafe

    11:00~19:00(Entrance reception closes at 18:00) "● Cute and delicious drink We offer full -fledged cafe drinks, including coffee and seasonal menus to be brewed after receiving orders. We recommend a drink with our original latte art. You can choose a photo of your favorite cat and make it a latte art. ● Inside the semi -private room Inside the store, the cat cafe has a rare semi -private room space. It's like a maze. You can relax without worrying about the eyes around you even in one person or a date scene. ● No age limit. Children under 3 years old are free to enter! We are interested in animals due to childhood experiences and want them to like animals, so they can enter the park. Considering the safety of children and cats, the entrance of children under elementary school and younger requires a guardian of 18 years or older, but up to three children can enter each of the parents. In addition, there are also nice services such as ""children under 3 years old are free to enter the park"". If you can call the staff nearby, the staff will help you make your child's contact debut! 【business hours】 11:00 to 20:00 (final admission: 19:00) * For the time being, business hours are 11: 00-19: 00 (final admission: 18:00) 【price】 ・ Admission fee 660 yen / 30 minutes (one drink order system) ・ 220 yen / 10 minutes after 30 minutes ・ Maximum fee Weekdays: 2,200 yen, weekends and holidays: 2,640 yen * Consumption tax will be charged separately. ・ For children under elementary school students and younger A companion (paid) over 18 years old is required. ・ Up to 3 children can enter each parent. * Entrance fee is free for those under 3 years old. ・ You cannot re -enter the park."

    West building 1F



    10:00~21:00 The second branch of the popular roastery cafe in Marunouchi, where coffee freaks from all over the country gather, is a coffee stand where you can feel free to stop by.

    West building 7F


    Hamburger steak(Opened on July 31st)

    11:00~22:00(Last Order 20:30※Depending on the congestion situation, the last order time may change.)Opened on July 31st. Go to the Tokai area for the first time! It is a popular shop specializing in raw hamburgers, "Kiwamiya), which is a popular shop in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Please enjoy a new -style hamburger, where you can eat a bite -sized hamburger on an iron plate. ※We do not accept reservations. We will guide you in order of arrival.

    West building B1F


    Smoothie fruit 100 % juice

    10:00~21:00 "Gokugoku's main menu is 100%All Natural, a smoothie -friendly smoothie with a body -friendly body. Soda with fresh juice and fresh juice of seasonal 100%fruit juice is also available. Because it is in the body, you are particular about health. But I don't want to give up on deliciousness and fun. I think the moisture of the heart is also important. Both your body and your heart are pleased, and you have a fun fruit experience."
  • korean kitchen shijyan

    West building 7F

    korean kitchen shijyan

    Korean cuisine

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) It is a healthy Korean family restaurant with the theme of Japanese -Korea fusion and pharmacy. We add our pride to the spicy taste of Korean traditions to the seasoned base, and provide new dishes that are easy to eat to Japanese people.
  • THE GUEST cafe&diner

    West building 8F

    THE GUEST cafe&diner

    Collaboration cafe / miscellaneous goods

    10:00~21:00(Last order 20:00) "Information dissemination cafe" that collaborates with various entertainment content

    West building B1F



    10:00~21:00 Subway is one of the world's largest fast food brands, with over 37,000 stores in over 100 countries. Our specialty is a made-to-order style in which sandwiches are made to suit each individual's taste, with bread baked daily in-house and carefully selected toppings such as roast beef, shrimp, and avocado, as well as crunchy vegetables.

    West building B1F


    Salad cafe

    10:00~21:00 Under the concept of "Happiness with a delicious salad, you are full." Fresh vegetables, homemade dressings that are all handmade in the store, and homemade dressing that are not addicted to additives are the decisive factors of the taste. Non -smoking all day
  • saint marc cafe

    West building B1F

    saint marc cafe

    Bakery Cafe

    10:00~21:00 Saint -Marc Cafe boasts a cup of coffee and very popular chocolate that are extracted after receiving an order. You can also enjoy fresh, moist freshly baked bread and desserts. You can take out. Non -smoking all day

    West building 8F


    Dessert buffet

    weekday 11:00~21:00(Entrance reception closes at 19:30) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:30~21:00(Entrance reception closes at 19:30) "Sweets and snacks buffet! It is rich in variety of sweets, including more than 30 kinds of sweets, pasta, curry, salad, and soup. Not only the classic shortcake, but also seasonal products using seasonal fruits. More than 30 kinds of drinks are also available. Price * Price including tax below ☆ Suipara course 70 minutes Adult 1490 yen Dominant 1040 yen ☆ Special course 80 minutes Adult 1690 yen (all -you -can -eat water para course + potatoes, all -you -can -eat salad) Dwarf 1240 yen (all -you -can -eat spal course + potatoes, all -you -can -eat salad) ☆ Full Para Course 100 minutes (Suipara course + all -you -can -eat potatoes, all -you -can -eat salad + fruit corner)"

    West building 7F


    Coffee store

    10:00~21:00 A specialty coffee store born to America Seattle. Espresso extracted from high quality arabica coffee beans can enjoy a variety of drinks, pastry, and sandwiches. In addition, we also offer many original products such as coffee beans, coffee extract, and mug so that you can enjoy it at home.
  • century-cinema cafe

    East building 8F

    century-cinema cafe

    Movies / cafes

    10:00~21:00 A cafe is attached to the movie theater. Seasonal drinks are on sale in addition to drinks and sandwich sets!
  • CHEESE&DORIA.sweets

    West building 7F


    Cheese dishes/Doria/Cheese sweets

  • Chiikawa ramen buta

    West building 7F

    Chiikawa ramen buta


  • chano-ma

    West building 7F


    Japanese cafe

    weekday11:00~22:00(Last order 21:00) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays11:00~22:30(Last order 21 :30) You can enjoy a meal that is gentle on black brown rice, miso soup, and side dishes with side dishes, where you can take off your shoes and sit down and sit down.
  • terre à terre

    West building B1F

    terre à terre

    Bakery Cafe

    10:00~21:00 We always deliver the best bread without compromising the material and taste.
  • tenmusuya oniten

    West building B1F

    tenmusuya oniten


    10:00~21:00 In addition to shrimp tempura, we always have more than 10 types of tempura such as mentaiko, maitake mushrooms, and chicken tempura, all hand-made one by one. Tempura tempura made with seasonal ingredients is also available depending on the season. The tenmusu chazuke topped with our original ``magic soup stock'' is exquisite.
  • tonkatsu wakou

    West building 7F

    tonkatsu wakou

    Pork cutlet

    11:00~22:30(Last order 21:30) A tonkatsu specialty store with a motto of ""taste and heart hospitality"". The crispy feeling created by using fresh bread powder, and the juicy pork spreading in the mouth when chewing is appetizing. All -you -can -eat rice, miso soup, and cabbage attached to each menu. Recommended lunch: ""Wakoyo rice"" 880 yen Recommended dinner: ""Azami"" 1,280 yen (large leaves and cheese rolls/shrimp fries/shiitake mushroom meat stuffed/tea bowl steamed/salad/rice/miso soup/Miso soup)

    West building 7F


    Chicken soba / chicken dishes

    11:00~22:30(Last order 22:00) Enjoy the "Torisoba", which uses the ultimate ripe chicken that has been aged for more than 7 days from the original aging period (1 to 2 days), which can be done because it is a directly managed chicken store. 。
  • nana's green tea 

    West building B1F

    nana's green tea 

    Japanese Cafes

    10:00~21:00 Focusing on matcha and green tea, we propose wonderful Japanese food culture and traditions as a ""new Japanese form"" in the lifestyle of modern people. ~ Introduction of lunch ~ Favorite, etc. + Miso soup + set drink + mini dessert 1,050 yen for the above contents or 1,150 yen Domestic rice bowl (some can be taken out) ・ Tuna avocado bowl ・ Starfish tuna bowl ・ Shirasu and Taratomo Buri ・ Taco rice bowl, etc. dessert ・ Matcha Shiratama parfait ・ Matcha cream Anmitsu, etc. * The menu may be partially changed depending on the season. All seats non -smoking

    West building 7F



    11:00~22:30(Last order 21:00) A raw pasta specialty store that uses the finest durum wheat and boils after ordering.

    West building 1F


    Fresh cake / cafe

    Fresh cake and cafe pursuing handmade and freshness. There are always 13 kinds of seasonal fresh cakes that simply express the taste of the ingredients. Original blend tea and coffee are also available. 11:00~20:00

    West building 7F


    Bakery restaurant

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) A bakery restaurant where you can enjoy the healthy -oriented baked bread. There are also many gourmet menus that go well with baked bread. Please attach the proud sauce to the bread to the end.

    West building 7F



    11:00~21:00 A specialty store of Sweets and Bottle Drinks that shines in Instagram.

    West building B1F


    Bagel Cafe

    10:00~21:00 Moist mochi "Moist" is a bagel specialty store that boasts the healthy texture and the healthy low -calorie lofat. We have 10 kinds of bagels that can enjoy the original sweetness of wheat using the finest flour. There are plenty of bagel sandwiches with meat, seafood, plenty of vegetables, and bagel sand with plenty of cream cheese. Please enjoy it for meals and snacks.

    West building B1F


    Food, Western confectionery, apple candy

    10:00~21:00 Opened in 2014, Japan's first apple candy specialty store. We use various kinds of apple according to the season, and sell special apple candy throughout the year while pursuing the taste and texture of apple candy as a western confectionery.
  • marumokitchen

    West building 7F


    Japanese bowl cafe

    11:00~22:00(Last order 21:30) Fusion of bowls that are gentle on the body and cafe. Let's eat rice deliciously! Under the theme, the rich variety of meat and seafood is more than 20 weeks. It is a restaurant that you can enjoy as a cafe as well as meals.
  • Yummy Hawaiian BBQ

    West building 7F

    Yummy Hawaiian BBQ

    Hawaiian Plate Lunch / BBQ Fast Casual

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) It is a classic BBQ one -plate yummy at the Hawaiian Ala Moana Shopping Center. You can choose the main and garnish vegetables and rice as you like. If you are on a diet, you can change the rice to a vegetable (without carbohydrates) and arrange it freely. All items takeout OK. Please arrange gutsuri and healthy to your liking! At the Parco store, we also start meat sandwich.

    West building 7F


    Omelez Omurice

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) Omurice restaurant founded in Shibuya in 1963. In a calm shop inspired by the “Dining of the UK Lake Water District, the Dining”, enjoy a variety of fluffy omelet and a gentle sweet rakerpan.

    West building 7F


    Hamburger roast beef bowl

    11:00~22:00(Last order 21:00) Both Juwa hamburgers, moist and soft roast beef bowls are extremely high.
  • ronfudainingu

    West building 7F


    Chinese casual dining

    11:00~22:00(Last order 21:30) Fried rice and Mapo tofu are popular casual Chinese food and Asian cafe dining.



3-29-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi




  • Main building10:00~21:00 
  • WEST Building 7・8F restaurant11:00~22:30