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Business hours

10:00~21:00  for details

  • kanazawa maimon sushi

    West building 7F

    kanazawa maimon sushi

    Conveyor belt sushi

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) We handle and hold fresh seafood caught in the Sea of ​​Hokuriku and various parts of the country, including Kanazawa and Noto. Skilled craftsmen hold the rice and soy sauce from Ishikawa, and skilled craftsmen hold products that make use of the ingredients.
  • TOKYO Ueno Yakiniku YANSANDO

    West building 7F

    TOKYO Ueno Yakiniku YANSANDO

    Wagyu yakiniku shop

    11:00~21:30(Last order 21:00) A long -established yakiniku restaurant that has been founded in Ueno, Tokyo for 60 years. We are concerned about providing the finest black beef with secret sauce inherited from generation to generation. You can enjoy fresh meat because we cut only the amount used on that day.
  • chano-ma

    West building 7F


    Japanese cafe

    weekday11:00~22:00(Last order 21:00) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays11:00~22:30(Last order 21 :30) You can enjoy a meal that is gentle on black brown rice, miso soup, and side dishes with side dishes, where you can take off your shoes and sit down and sit down.
  • tenmusuya oniten

    West building B1F

    tenmusuya oniten


    10:00~21:00 In addition to shrimp tempura, we always have more than 10 types of tempura such as mentaiko, maitake mushrooms, and chicken tempura, all hand-made one by one. Tempura tempura made with seasonal ingredients is also available depending on the season. The tenmusu chazuke topped with our original ``magic soup stock'' is exquisite.
  • tonkatsu wakou

    West building 7F

    tonkatsu wakou

    Pork cutlet

    11:00~22:30(Last order 21:30) A tonkatsu specialty store with a motto of ""taste and heart hospitality"". The crispy feeling created by using fresh bread powder, and the juicy pork spreading in the mouth when chewing is appetizing. All -you -can -eat rice, miso soup, and cabbage attached to each menu. Recommended lunch: ""Wakoyo rice"" 880 yen Recommended dinner: ""Azami"" 1,280 yen (large leaves and cheese rolls/shrimp fries/shiitake mushroom meat stuffed/tea bowl steamed/salad/rice/miso soup/Miso soup)

    West building 7F


    Chicken soba / chicken dishes

    11:00~22:30(Last order 22:00) Enjoy the "Torisoba", which uses the ultimate ripe chicken that has been aged for more than 7 days from the original aging period (1 to 2 days), which can be done because it is a directly managed chicken store. 。
  • nana's green tea 

    West building B1F

    nana's green tea 

    Japanese Cafes

    10:00~21:00 Focusing on matcha and green tea, we propose wonderful Japanese food culture and traditions as a ""new Japanese form"" in the lifestyle of modern people. ~ Introduction of lunch ~ Favorite, etc. + Miso soup + set drink + mini dessert 1,050 yen for the above contents or 1,150 yen Domestic rice bowl (some can be taken out) ・ Tuna avocado bowl ・ Starfish tuna bowl ・ Shirasu and Taratomo Buri ・ Taco rice bowl, etc. dessert ・ Matcha Shiratama parfait ・ Matcha cream Anmitsu, etc. * The menu may be partially changed depending on the season. All seats non -smoking
  • marumokitchen

    West building 7F


    Japanese bowl cafe

    11:00~22:00(Last order 21:30) Fusion of bowls that are gentle on the body and cafe. Let's eat rice deliciously! Under the theme, the rich variety of meat and seafood is more than 20 weeks. It is a restaurant that you can enjoy as a cafe as well as meals.



3-29-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi




  • Main building10:00~21:00 
  • WEST Building 7・8F restaurant11:00~22:30